Friday, 18 February 2011

Seasons Change

Time moves on and although we may wish that things remain the same, they never do. Opportunities arise and fall with astounding regularity, peace gives way to chaos and fear to knowledge all of the time. This is not a time to fall to negativity and to seek the despairing paths that beckon to us but to rally our strength and find new opportunities and goals to fulfil.

People should know, by now, that I have been a negativist in the past though that is alowly changing, as I learn new things and become more that I have been in the past. There is more out there than we know and opportunities exist for those with the eyes to see them. The future is coming....will you be ready? Or will you be whining in the corner about how 'unfair' life is? We create our own futures, we can strive to achieve the best we can or we can fail, the choice is up to every individual, not group, not couple but for every single person.

It has been said that the world is 'going to hell in a hand-basket'. Are we going to be adding to the cess-pit of negativity which is emotionally strangling the world or are we going to strive against it.

I know what I am going to you?

Will you stand by my side my brothers and sisters, irrespective of religion and faith. I welcome any and all who are willing to fight for this world that is ours...ours to care for and nurture, not fight over and destroy.

Who will hold the line? 

Who will link arms with me agains the forces of negativity and destruction?