Sunday, 24 July 2011

Seedlings of Change

The time for expression is gone, the waters flowed once more over the barren soil. filling the cracked, desolate earth, flowing freely once more.

Those waters, initially muddied are now clear and seeds lurk beneath the sodden ground, chances, choices, possibilities all await the right conditions to come forth.

Do I know where my life will lead? Do I need to? I trust in the powers that have guided and upheld me even when I resented them and turned from them. I wait, and will see what develops.

I am changed and I am yet myself. Things change, as have I, and my tolerance for peoples foolishness wanes like a darkening moon. I am awake, changed, refreshed and curious as to how the world will work now. The time for one part of my life is over, the next begins, who knows where it leads. I cannot spend too much time admiring the future lest I stumble upon the path I now walk.

Learn from the past but do not dwell upon it for you cannot change what has happened.
Look to the future but do not focus on it for you will not see the perils of the steps you take now.
Live in the present, fully, embrace your life. Sieze the day with both hands and wring what pleasure, happiness and peace you can from it because as the bell tolls midnight you shall not see its like again. Look to the next day with the eyes of a child, anticipatory, eager to see what comes. If you cannot do this, then look to your life for there is something missing from it. Find out what it is and change it, become all that you can be. Balance negativity with positivity, find your goals and strive toward them. Learn, as I am, to enjoy what you have.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Earth Shrine

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I am an inclusionist, I make no bones about it. To me we are all part of one community, not a local, national or international one but a global one. This is irrespective of skin colour, faith, caste, creed, geographical location, gender, sexual orientation or societal position.

It saddens me to see so many people fighting over 'their' corner, whether that be one of faith, geography, aptitude or attitude. should we all pull together the world would be a better place.

An Inclusionist like me would like to see all of the world working as one to support this wonderful world that we live on rather than slowly destroying her with our stupid, venal ways.  I have often wondered what we can do to promote this idyllic state and was given the following to share.

"One cannot change the minds of men that are set in their ways. Only by educating the forming minds and those flexible enough to accept the massive change required to alter their attitude can we begin to look to the future as a united race. 
Accept one's place as part of a global whole
Reduce one's carbon footprint
Do what one can to aid the struggling world upon which we live for if each of us does a little a major work is begun. 
Some things are simple...
walk rather than ride, 
recycle what one can,
grow your own produce, 
minimise waste, 
ensure ones energy systems and that of your area are clean and flow well. 
One cannot turn ones back on the world for it is in this world that we live, 
one cannot turn a blind eye but temper actions with words, 
we are all warriors of the world in our own way, even the gentlest of souls
Never say something where your intent is to wound, only when some benefit for the person is derived from your words should you say anything, silence is often the better option.
Yet do not mistake kindness for weakness
Gentleness for cowardice
For in these days it takes courage to rise each morning and face the day.
And remember, the greatest warrior is one who never raises their hand.

Do not hurt where holding is enough,
do not wound where hurting is enough,
do not maim where wounding is enough,
do not kill where maiming is enough,
the greatest warrior is he who does not have to kill.

(The Oath of Peace from Lord Foul's Bane by Stephen R Donaldson)