Monday, 24 October 2011

Thought/ Desire                                     Word/ Affirmation                                 Deed/ Action

The process of implementing change within your life can be broken down into the three stages above. Each is vital in the method of attaining change and cannot be overstepped or omitted.

Thought/ Desire: The Root form, the beginning of all ideas starts here. This is the formative, tentative
period where one looks at what one wants, desires and/ or feels one needs and begins to formulate a seed from which action should result. The Thought may come of many things and may encompass many ideas or be blissfully simple. It can be vehemently positive or viciously negative depending upon your mindset and one should remember that the Law of Attraction works very well and whatever you seek to draw into your will.

Word/ Affirmation:  The Growth Form. The formulatory period. This is where the mind and/or word states ones intent either mentally, physically via speech or via the written word. This is the formation of momentum to ensure that the change is implemented in one’s life.

“ The breath of speech comes from the lungs and the soul of the being uttering them. There is no bond greater nor oath stronger than that of one’s word being given thus. Far stronger than the written word for this can be faked, it is the most binding agreement one individual can make. Be cautious with one’s vows given for once given, they cannot be recalled.”

Francesca Brumpton-Kentacre, July 1986

Deed/ Action: The Manifestation Form. The conclusive period. This is where the change thus invoked and brought into being becomes manifested in one’s life. This is the section where most people fail for it is here, mostly, that action and effort are required and where daydreams fall by the wayside because people do not want to place any effort into manifesting the change they have asked for. The pent up energy waiting for change simply fritters away and is returned to the universe and the earth itself, waiting for something else to empower. The smallest manifestation and the largest change are charged into action and manifestation by the application of will and physical effort not only from the individual but also from the universe in response to the persons will and focus in achieving what began as their Thought.