Monday, 4 November 2013

The World weaves as the World weaves.

'tis strange how the World and our lives move in circles, where what has been lost is refound, and what was old becomes new again.

I was a little wary at the thought of starting a Coven again, wary of a workload my body would, most likely, not sustain if it were run the same way. Despite my concerns I could feel my Patron/ Matron Deities leaning close and offering words of advice.

Plans were made and people met, old friends and acquaintances were spoken with and signed up to co-create a Circle, a Family, a Coven of like-minded individuals, exploring the deeper mysteries of the Craft.

It appears that someone, or rather Someone, was paying attention as we've already begin to explore the concepts of the deeper mystery as a group, which is leading to interesting places already. We are Witchenwood Coven.

I have also begun to work with people who wish to learn basics of the Craft, running a series of short modules aimed to provide a basis for safe practice with an 'in' for those who wish to go deeper. This is  Quickenwood Training Circle. If you have an interest in either please feel free to check out either. More posts here and on Tinne's Tales will be forthcoming I am sure...