Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Running through my head for the last couple days is a verse extrapolated from a chant by Kate West and the Hearth of Hecate and adapted in a song by Damh the Bard.

"Lady weave your circle Bright,
Weave your web of dark and light,
Earth, Air, Fire and Water
Bind us now to thee"

These words have been with me for three days, waking, sleeping (though precious little of that) and at odd times when my mind is on idle mode.

They resonate well with me as does the old adage and salutation of brow-lips-heart. "An open mind, truthful lips and an honest heart"

With the potential of Earthshrine looming in the distance we're waiting now for the framework to be set in place. With this group I can see a group of committed, loyal, competent, willing and able practitioners to be able to work together. I would love this group to become a true clann, coven, family and be able to support one another through both their magical and mundane lives. To put their personal commitment to being practicing witches before their comfort zone. To be willing to come out into the streaming darkness for ritual, to enjoy long evenings together, laughing, eating and drinking.

I am willing to place my name here, to be one of them, to be in there at the beginning, I am wondering who else will step up to the plate, who will look out into the rain and darkness of these winter nights and simply nod and head out. What others will also be there I wonder....

There are so many changes occurring in my life that are flowing right now. The transition in diet, the commitment to exercise and outdoor living once more, wanting to provide for myself rather than rely on the huge carbon-footprint of the supermarkets. I itch to move and can't help wondering what the PTB are up to this time and for how long I will be here, in this place, now. I've never lived in an area, except while growing up for over 10 years. Restraints are falling away and the Night Owl flexes his wings, preparing to fly....the time is not now....but it will be...soon.

Monday, 8 November 2010


Curious thoughts this morning pre-waking, waking and post-waking it appears, the usual quasi-waking dream turned into a clear image of a forge, one familiar to me as one that one of my closest friends, ex-lovers and recently passed companions  owned.

In it a familiar figure was taking old, battered and broken weapons from a stack at the rear of the forge, breaking them into smaller pieces and tossing them into an enormous crucible to melt and burn off the impurities and flaws. I watched for a time as he poured the shining, molten metal into forms for sword blanks, and other things like ploughshares. The scene fast-forwarded to him taking the sword blanks and beginning the tiring process of hammering the metal out and folding it back, rehammering it and folding to craft a better weapon.

My thought process on waking was, this is like us. We become damaged through our daily lives, the things we endure, the stress we go through and we become reforged at times of our lives. We are annealed into something else, something new. We do not forget the things of the past because they are part of us but we learn to deal with them, accepting their lessons and pain as part of our lives and no longer a source of stress.

It occurs to me that at significant times in our lives this occurs and obviously being broken down and reforged hurts which explains the pain we feel. Also sometimes the feeling of disconnectedness when we are 'molten'. Often we feel depressed, lonely, alone and sometimes angry when we are waiting for forging, which, again, is understandable.

The reforged blade remembers its past but is no longer vulnerable to it as the damage is gone. Also when metals are melted together they become stronger, more able to resist and be strong.

Thank you my friends, who are or have gone through this reforging at this time. Thank you for your metal of friendship, love, trust and support, in turn i can only offer my own metal in turn to aid you in your journey. Know that in this sharing we are bound together at this time to aid and assist one another. Welcome to my life, as, I trust, I am welcome in yours....

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Astral Travelling Oil

Astral Travel Oil
10ml Carrier Oil
2 dr. Orange
3 dr. Lemon
3 dr. Frankincense
2 dr. Myrrh

This simple blend of oils is not recommended for burning, as its effects are unpredictable at best. It is especially not recommended for people who are dreamworking as it may take people to places where they do not wish to go. It is recommended in use for specific destination travelling and not for general gadding about. I personally recommend that one has some rubbing alcohol in the house and when finished with travelling one removes the trace of oil from the third eye (which is where you put it). Not an oil blend for beginners but please note it is the intent behind the use that empowers this blend.



Thanks to everyone who has been viewing my new blog, please feel free to say hello, link your blog, exchange information. I also co-run a group from Facebookcalled The Circle ( for people interested in the Craft and willing to share information. I look forward to talking with those willing to share :)

Pre-Samhain Rite – 29th October 2010 (23.35-00.35)

Attendees: Andru, Dhugal, Katherine, Hugh, Michaela, Raoul, Jared, George

We gathered in the heart of the maze, and encircled the fountain at the centre. Each person took a position wherever they felt comfortable, and those at the quarters invoked them.
Air (H) – Air, I call upon thee to Ward and Guard, be welcome here this night
Fire (D) – Fire I call on thee to Guard our rite, be welcome here.
Water (M) – Water I ask that you ward and guard us during our rite.
Earth (A) – Earth I ask your presence here to guide and guard.
All – Lord and Lady Guard and guide, we ask of you.
The circle was cast, each taking an 1/8th and linking our energies into a whole.

Each individual moved to the fountain in turn and dipped a handful of the water to sip and ritually mark the brow – for the mind, the chest – for the heart and the energy centre – for the soul.
Ritual Chant:
Samhain comes in cloth of night,
Do you face her darkness bright,
Changeling, baneling do you hear,
Words you need for this next year.

Goddess speaks and ears should be,
Wide, receiving, honestly,
Take the words to travel on,
Year is coming, year is gone.

Hear the words the God doth speak,
For the brave and for the meek,
Take the words for all to see,
For as we will so mote it be.

In a bags suspended in the spray were stones, marked with words such as “Forgiveness”, “Faith”, “Love”

Each person took a stone, and sat within the circle to meditate on what it means not only for the year gone by and also for the future.

The circle was decast, the elements and deities thanked for their presence and the celebrants retired to the house for hot buttered scones and mulled wine.


Having coasted for the best part of this year, watching my life seemingly fall apart and then come together, it is interesting that around Samhain that my life as a witch comes back into stark focus. Things that have distracted me have now been resolved or removed, life issues have been managed and now I have time to pursue my Craft once more. Interestingly enough people have re-appeared in my life with whom I am eminently comfortable working with and have done so in the past. Old friends have come back into my life and our friendship carries on as normal despite the years absence from one anothers life.

It appears that group working is back in the picture but this will have to wait until all are present, and any issues hammered out. But the very prospect of all this sends shudders of anticipation through me.

The Raven calls, the Wolf approaches, The Dragon flies and the Bear lumbers on.