Friday, 9 December 2011

Every time I fight against what I sense is right, and for whatever reason; pride, obstinacy, stubbornness etc, something happens and i end up either not doing what i WANTED to do, or doing it and not enjoying it. Sometimes it takes a while to learn that if you go with the flow life progresses more easily...
All too often we become mired in the problems of today, the memories of yesterday, remembered slights and insults, harsh words or deeds.
Today be different. Write all the issues and problems you've had on a piece of paper then burn the paper, get rid of the negativity sack we ALL carry around with us. Before bed tonight have a bath or shower and go to sleep knowing that tomorrow will be a better day.

If you believe it will be...then it will be. Look for the good, accent the positive, ignore the negative.


Monday, 24 October 2011

Thought/ Desire                                     Word/ Affirmation                                 Deed/ Action

The process of implementing change within your life can be broken down into the three stages above. Each is vital in the method of attaining change and cannot be overstepped or omitted.

Thought/ Desire: The Root form, the beginning of all ideas starts here. This is the formative, tentative
period where one looks at what one wants, desires and/ or feels one needs and begins to formulate a seed from which action should result. The Thought may come of many things and may encompass many ideas or be blissfully simple. It can be vehemently positive or viciously negative depending upon your mindset and one should remember that the Law of Attraction works very well and whatever you seek to draw into your will.

Word/ Affirmation:  The Growth Form. The formulatory period. This is where the mind and/or word states ones intent either mentally, physically via speech or via the written word. This is the formation of momentum to ensure that the change is implemented in one’s life.

“ The breath of speech comes from the lungs and the soul of the being uttering them. There is no bond greater nor oath stronger than that of one’s word being given thus. Far stronger than the written word for this can be faked, it is the most binding agreement one individual can make. Be cautious with one’s vows given for once given, they cannot be recalled.”

Francesca Brumpton-Kentacre, July 1986

Deed/ Action: The Manifestation Form. The conclusive period. This is where the change thus invoked and brought into being becomes manifested in one’s life. This is the section where most people fail for it is here, mostly, that action and effort are required and where daydreams fall by the wayside because people do not want to place any effort into manifesting the change they have asked for. The pent up energy waiting for change simply fritters away and is returned to the universe and the earth itself, waiting for something else to empower. The smallest manifestation and the largest change are charged into action and manifestation by the application of will and physical effort not only from the individual but also from the universe in response to the persons will and focus in achieving what began as their Thought. 

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Can I?

“I can’t.”

How often do we hear those words?
How often do we speak them?

We limit ourselves every day of our lives unless we are consciously determined that we will not do. We disempower ourselves, making ourselves smaller and often making of ourselves victims to the whims of the world.

A good mantra to start the day is “I can and I will.” Leaving it open to the universe that you will deal with things as you go through your day. Words and deeds of kindness, which can sometimes simply be choosing not to cause harm, choosing not to exacerbate somebody else’s pain, striving to ease our way through life without causing pain to other people or offering a helping hand to someone else.

The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne is a good example of the power of positive thought, the law of attraction, of getting what we wish and is an eye-opening revelation as to the fact that sometimes what we concentrate on is not what we wish at all and that, sometimes, we can be the instrument of our own destruction and downfall.

This is not to say that we should be all positivity, there is a balance to be attained in life and with most things there is a counter to that positivity, but negativity, properly directed, is a useful tool and can be balanced to counter excessive positivity that sometimes works to choke us with its saccharine sweetness. 

I have negativity in my life that manifests as illnesses, dis-eases, some of which are worsened by my actions and thoughts. All illnesses have some form of psychosomatic connection and can easily be improved upon or made worse by our beliefs and attitudes. Some diseases are due to strains that we place upon our lives and may manifest in many forms. We can and should strive to minimise the impact that they have by listening and being aware of our bodies and they messages they are striving to tell us. Like overstretched muscles and joints there are warning signs before they cease functioning. All too often we ignore the signs because we are too busy doing things.

There is a balance to all things, light and dark, sun and moon, positive and negative. Accepting the negative in your life and balancing it with positive is a good step forward. Each of us is responsible for our own actions and as such not only our place in the world but how the world itself functions. The smallest pebble may prevent the avalanche. 

All too often we blame others, the governments of the world, the companies that destroy the environments in which we live. While it is true that they wield considerable power and say in our lives they can only affect what we allow them to affect. Beginning with ourselves we can take control, become self-aware and self-reliant, empowering ourselves to become independent entities capable of preserving what we can and to supporting the world. We can and should strive to minimise our carbon footprint on the world and therefore reduce our impact upon the already strained resources our beleaguered planet has to give.

We can do this...

We should do this...

I will do this...will you?

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Seedlings of Change

The time for expression is gone, the waters flowed once more over the barren soil. filling the cracked, desolate earth, flowing freely once more.

Those waters, initially muddied are now clear and seeds lurk beneath the sodden ground, chances, choices, possibilities all await the right conditions to come forth.

Do I know where my life will lead? Do I need to? I trust in the powers that have guided and upheld me even when I resented them and turned from them. I wait, and will see what develops.

I am changed and I am yet myself. Things change, as have I, and my tolerance for peoples foolishness wanes like a darkening moon. I am awake, changed, refreshed and curious as to how the world will work now. The time for one part of my life is over, the next begins, who knows where it leads. I cannot spend too much time admiring the future lest I stumble upon the path I now walk.

Learn from the past but do not dwell upon it for you cannot change what has happened.
Look to the future but do not focus on it for you will not see the perils of the steps you take now.
Live in the present, fully, embrace your life. Sieze the day with both hands and wring what pleasure, happiness and peace you can from it because as the bell tolls midnight you shall not see its like again. Look to the next day with the eyes of a child, anticipatory, eager to see what comes. If you cannot do this, then look to your life for there is something missing from it. Find out what it is and change it, become all that you can be. Balance negativity with positivity, find your goals and strive toward them. Learn, as I am, to enjoy what you have.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Earth Shrine

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I am an inclusionist, I make no bones about it. To me we are all part of one community, not a local, national or international one but a global one. This is irrespective of skin colour, faith, caste, creed, geographical location, gender, sexual orientation or societal position.

It saddens me to see so many people fighting over 'their' corner, whether that be one of faith, geography, aptitude or attitude. should we all pull together the world would be a better place.

An Inclusionist like me would like to see all of the world working as one to support this wonderful world that we live on rather than slowly destroying her with our stupid, venal ways.  I have often wondered what we can do to promote this idyllic state and was given the following to share.

"One cannot change the minds of men that are set in their ways. Only by educating the forming minds and those flexible enough to accept the massive change required to alter their attitude can we begin to look to the future as a united race. 
Accept one's place as part of a global whole
Reduce one's carbon footprint
Do what one can to aid the struggling world upon which we live for if each of us does a little a major work is begun. 
Some things are simple...
walk rather than ride, 
recycle what one can,
grow your own produce, 
minimise waste, 
ensure ones energy systems and that of your area are clean and flow well. 
One cannot turn ones back on the world for it is in this world that we live, 
one cannot turn a blind eye but temper actions with words, 
we are all warriors of the world in our own way, even the gentlest of souls
Never say something where your intent is to wound, only when some benefit for the person is derived from your words should you say anything, silence is often the better option.
Yet do not mistake kindness for weakness
Gentleness for cowardice
For in these days it takes courage to rise each morning and face the day.
And remember, the greatest warrior is one who never raises their hand.

Do not hurt where holding is enough,
do not wound where hurting is enough,
do not maim where wounding is enough,
do not kill where maiming is enough,
the greatest warrior is he who does not have to kill.

(The Oath of Peace from Lord Foul's Bane by Stephen R Donaldson)

Friday, 18 February 2011

Seasons Change

Time moves on and although we may wish that things remain the same, they never do. Opportunities arise and fall with astounding regularity, peace gives way to chaos and fear to knowledge all of the time. This is not a time to fall to negativity and to seek the despairing paths that beckon to us but to rally our strength and find new opportunities and goals to fulfil.

People should know, by now, that I have been a negativist in the past though that is alowly changing, as I learn new things and become more that I have been in the past. There is more out there than we know and opportunities exist for those with the eyes to see them. The future is coming....will you be ready? Or will you be whining in the corner about how 'unfair' life is? We create our own futures, we can strive to achieve the best we can or we can fail, the choice is up to every individual, not group, not couple but for every single person.

It has been said that the world is 'going to hell in a hand-basket'. Are we going to be adding to the cess-pit of negativity which is emotionally strangling the world or are we going to strive against it.

I know what I am going to you?

Will you stand by my side my brothers and sisters, irrespective of religion and faith. I welcome any and all who are willing to fight for this world that is ours...ours to care for and nurture, not fight over and destroy.

Who will hold the line? 

Who will link arms with me agains the forces of negativity and destruction?