Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Can I?

“I can’t.”

How often do we hear those words?
How often do we speak them?

We limit ourselves every day of our lives unless we are consciously determined that we will not do. We disempower ourselves, making ourselves smaller and often making of ourselves victims to the whims of the world.

A good mantra to start the day is “I can and I will.” Leaving it open to the universe that you will deal with things as you go through your day. Words and deeds of kindness, which can sometimes simply be choosing not to cause harm, choosing not to exacerbate somebody else’s pain, striving to ease our way through life without causing pain to other people or offering a helping hand to someone else.

The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne is a good example of the power of positive thought, the law of attraction, of getting what we wish and is an eye-opening revelation as to the fact that sometimes what we concentrate on is not what we wish at all and that, sometimes, we can be the instrument of our own destruction and downfall.

This is not to say that we should be all positivity, there is a balance to be attained in life and with most things there is a counter to that positivity, but negativity, properly directed, is a useful tool and can be balanced to counter excessive positivity that sometimes works to choke us with its saccharine sweetness. 

I have negativity in my life that manifests as illnesses, dis-eases, some of which are worsened by my actions and thoughts. All illnesses have some form of psychosomatic connection and can easily be improved upon or made worse by our beliefs and attitudes. Some diseases are due to strains that we place upon our lives and may manifest in many forms. We can and should strive to minimise the impact that they have by listening and being aware of our bodies and they messages they are striving to tell us. Like overstretched muscles and joints there are warning signs before they cease functioning. All too often we ignore the signs because we are too busy doing things.

There is a balance to all things, light and dark, sun and moon, positive and negative. Accepting the negative in your life and balancing it with positive is a good step forward. Each of us is responsible for our own actions and as such not only our place in the world but how the world itself functions. The smallest pebble may prevent the avalanche. 

All too often we blame others, the governments of the world, the companies that destroy the environments in which we live. While it is true that they wield considerable power and say in our lives they can only affect what we allow them to affect. Beginning with ourselves we can take control, become self-aware and self-reliant, empowering ourselves to become independent entities capable of preserving what we can and to supporting the world. We can and should strive to minimise our carbon footprint on the world and therefore reduce our impact upon the already strained resources our beleaguered planet has to give.

We can do this...

We should do this...

I will do this...will you?

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  1. Sometimes all we need is a reminder, a pause to reflect and a heads up from the world at large, other times its a cosmic 4x2 thats needed to get thru! Thanks for giving me pause Bear, for making me think again and to take stock, as always your words inspire and contain great widsom!